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#  Name Gender  Nationality Born Died
1   Uhen, Georg Male  German 1933
2   Ujváry, Béláné -  Hungarian 1930 1949
3   URBAN, TADEUSZ -  Pole 1924 1942
4   URBANIK, WOJCIECH -  Pole 1889 1943
5   URBAŃSKA, ELEONORA -  Pole 1888 1944
6   URKIEL, HELENA -  Pole 1928 1942
7   USZKIEWICZ, ZBIEGNIEW -  Pole 1934 1942

In brief

The Persons’ Pages display the information we have been able to collect for any one person buried in Doulab. It is subdivided into five categories: General, Birth, Death, Grave, Other.

A picture of each grave stone complements the entry. You can watch and download it by clicking on the thumbnails, i.e. the small previews located at the bottom of the page.

Additionally, we provide a copy of the person’s entry in the “Liber defunctorum”, i.e. the parish register, and we have collected biographical details by browsing those publications indicated in the “Further Reading” section.

Finally, thanks to the memory of Don Franco Pirisi, Vicar General of the Tehran diocese, the pages of many Italian nationals are enriched with precious pieces of oral history.

Look for the red asterisk next to the name indicating additional biographical material.

The pages remain open to new contributions. If you know something about a person, which we have not been able to find out, please don’t hesitate to contact us (see “Contact”).

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